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With having fresh lawyers in the team, we understand how students these days suffer various jargons when it comes to the admissions. There comes in our experienced panel to help you advice and assist with the admissions in to the universities abroad. Our team helps you from applying for the admissions to solving your visa matters. We also provide our services to international students who wish to pursue their studies in pakistan. Once the students get done with the first stage of university acceptances, stage two comes in; Visa application. From assisting with completing university documents to submitting the visa application, we assist you with your every question.

We deal with students seeking admissions in  International Foundation Program, Undergraduate and Post-Graduate studies abroad.

Our Global Representatives

Meet our international university representatives. Some are still studying and some have graduated already. Kindly book an online appointment and speak to our representatives about the university you want to join, about the culture and environment abroad and all the questions you may want to ask.

Fatteh Haider

Representative of UK & CEO OPEN MIND TUTORS

Fatteh Haider whilst reading BEng Mech Eng at UCL, Fatteh worked as a part time private tutor throughout his degree. Witnessing a high demand, he had an idea for a company that allows to avoid paying high premiums to agencies. Although he saw the business opportunity, he decided to pursue an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Warwick in order to refine his idea and construct a suitable business model for the UK market. He went on to pitch this idea to a panel at Warwick, securing his spot on Warwick’s Graduate Entrepreneur Program. His company, Open Mind Tutors now helps to make pricate tutoring more affordable in the UK by providing a more efficient means to connect private tutors with students in the UK. Visit Open Mind Tutors Website

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