Our Services

We serve local as well as international clients. We are providing our services to those who are looking for a lawyer in Pakistan while residing abroad , your counsel is just a ‘click’ away. Book an online appointment with any of our team members and get a written or verbal advice through video or audio conferencing. Our team member communicates in several languages and can advise you on all sorts of legal matters. We can assist you from advising to pleading your case on your behalf in Pakistan.

Cyber Law

Cyber law or Internet law is an area of law, which is still under the process of development in Pakistan. The Internet related crimes are not restricted to money scam or account hacking but it has gone far to the extent where it is now being used to provoke hatred among nations. We understand that you need a qualified and technology friendly counsel who can understand your problem and guide you through when it comes to the crime related to cyber law. This is why we have young and vibrant members in our team who are technology friendly and can also advice you through e-mail. You can also leave your personal message by clicking INSTANT LEGAL AID button on our home page and we shall get back to you with in 24 hours.

Imigration law

We deal in all sorts of immigration matters and visas including work visa, entrepreneur visa, business visa, settlement visa, spouse visa, visit visa. We specialize in the field of student admission abroad and visa related matters.

Defamation Law

Defamation law activates when any person or institution misuses the right of freedom of expression through speech or publication. If you think that you have become victim of defamatory statement, whether slander or libel, then you need to file a case in order to recover damages. Law doesn’t permit anyone to tarnish another’s reputation. We provide our defamation related, online advisory services worldwide. Our legal team specialised in defamation cases and have represented celebrities, politicians and multinational companies. If you have been defamed, you will want to know more about the law and your rights. To have better knowledge on the subject area, kindly book an online appointment or visit our chamber.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual Property right law protects the legal rights of an individual’s intellectual property ownership such as new invention, artistic works, geographical indications and designs. With the massive expansion in world’s corporate sector, this law has also grown rapidly. We are in one of the few law firms in Pakistan which are providing services related Intellectual Property right laws. We deal matters related trade mark, copyright, patents and industrial design rights. We also provide Intellectual Property registration and certification services. We have experienced lawyers who have vast knowledge and experience in this field and have represented national and international brands. We currently represent our clients in all the major cities of Pakistan regarding Intellectual Property Law matters.

Consumer Law

The law protects the consumer rights when a consumer buys goods or services. If you are not given what you were shown or told and the seller is not willing to resolve your genuine problem, we are the most experienced and trained in consumer protection advisory to protect you from unfair treatment. In Pakistan, the consumer courts have been established where a claim can be brought. Our team can help you to resolve your issue and get your damages from the other party. We also provide our legal services to online purchasers/consumers.

Corporate Governance

The firm actively advises corporate boards on governance and disclosure requirements. Our clients have confidence in us for expertise in analyzing director independence issues; board committee practices including audit, compensation and corporate governance; related party transactions; director duties; and drafting of memorandums and articles of association. We have expert counsels who have not only skills & abilities but also possess an academic qualification in the field of corporate governance and compliance risk.

Dispute Resolution law

We have an expert team who can help you resolving your dispute without going to the court. We understand that most of the corporate clients do not prefer to go to the court and become the headlines of every newspaper in the country. Therefore, we take care of your reputation and advice you regarding how a resolution can be made between the parties. We help you finding a middle way which is legal and beneficial for both the parties. We encourage our corporate clients to use our dispute resolution services and resolve your matter more effectively. Please visit our ADR page to book an appointment with our mediators and arbitrators. To see the description of our ADR services, Please Visit Our ADR page.

Student Admission Abroad

With having fresh lawyers in the team, we understand how students these days suffer various jargons when it comes to the admissions. There comes in our experienced panel to help you advice and assist with the admissions in to the universities abroad. Our team helps you from applying for the admissions to solving your visa matters.we also provide our services to international students who wish to pursue their studies in pakistan. Click here to visit our Student Advisory Service page

Family Law

Our Law firm is providing legal advice and representation in family cases including divorce, Khula, domestic violence, child custody, child support, recovery of dower, recovery of maintenance of minor , recovery of maintenance of wife , recovery of Haq Mehar / Dower, separation agreements, compensation and , adoption, visitation rights and other legal issues arising between families.
Our firm make utmost efforts for the reconciliation between parties as per family laws of Pakistan and after its failure, we try our best to protect your interests in a better way.